Single Russian women and American men: a perfect match?

As different as Vodka and Budlight? Or, maybe its peas and couscous? Don't think you have much in common with a Russian woman... Think again...

Who are these women dating?

Single women who apply for marriage on Loversplanet are generally educated, professional, financially stable. They are not, as the stereotyping might suggest, poverty-stricken, miserable women, desperate to escape terrible and dark situations.

They are looking for Prince Charming, but he doesn't have to fight off any dragons!

Are they a match for me?

You, the American male in search of love, want nothing more complicated than a happy family; a devoted wife, beautiful children perhaps. You want warmth, love, sincerity, laughter, and joy.

Well, that is what the women on Loversplanet are looking for; overwhelmingly so!

You have similar values and goals, you realize. All you need to do is screen a few profiles.

After a while, you start to imagine the possibilities. You could be happy!

Differences Are Problems, Aren't They?

Many men may worry that, even if their values and goals coincide with a Russian woman's, it is unlikely they'll have anything to talk about or do together, besides have children.

Strangely enough, men assume that single Russian women will have no interest whatever in the things closest to their hearts, like baseball or American football. If it were true that people from other cultures were not even a little receptive to the All-American ways of life, then it would be true of all Europeans. The truth is that many European women, Russian included, do enjoy a baseball game every now and again, especially if it means they are spending time with their husbands. It is satisfying for foreign wives to learn about American culture because it is often very pleasing to their husbands.

Even if your Russian bride speaks little English, there are solutions to the problem that you should look out for, rather than be determined the situation just won't work. Love will find a way, as they say.

English lessons are invariably a good idea for your bride if and when she moves to the US to be with you. Not only will the lessons improve her English, but she is also likely to meet people and make new friends, which will be vital for her transition.

If you are an avid sports fan, avoid the classic mistake of not including your wife. Make a baseball game a family outing. Buy tickets to go to the stadium; enjoy the hot dogs and peanuts together. Teach your wife a bit about the game. You'll soon find that she loves you and will show interest in what makes you happy!

Likewise, if you enjoy a particular television show, film, newspaper, or kind of book, share your enjoyment with your wife. Take time to introduce her to your interests and encourage her to do the same with hers.

Above all don't be discouraged: common interests are not the foundation of love. If you love each other, you'll find plenty to talk about!

On single Russian women are looking for romance and serious relationships with foreign men!

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