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Finding love with a kind, affectionate and giving man is a dream for most Ukraine women looking for marriage abroad. It is a well-known fact that most Ukraine men are indifferent at best when it comes to caring for a woman. Marina is an attractive Ukraine woman at willing to devote her life to a man who would love her, cherish her and adore her. She is on the lookout for a man who would appreciate her humorous, spontaneous, and generous nature. Like most Ukraine women, for Marina it is the man who is important, not the place he hails from. She does not have anything against Ukraine men, but is looking to find her man outside Russia and Ukraine because of the insensitivity of the Ukraine man she has lived with before.

Interview with a Loving Ukraine Woman

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1. Why are you interested in meeting a man from another country?

First of all, it is interesting for me to meet a man with a capital letter. Man, which will differ the mentality from ex-Soviet men, for which I will be first of all desirable and favorite, Woman, friend, wife, but not dish-washing machine, charwoman, cook… I hope, there is in the world really Man, who can love.

2. What are you looking for in a foreign husband? What is your ideal man?

I already despaired to find an ideal, but in a man I very much value power, not physical ability to heave up above earth a truck :-) , but power to manage with difficulties and problems, power to acknowledge errors, power to say “I am sorry”, to say “I love”, power to ask a help, power to show an emotion: sadness, gladness, happiness, power to cry when your daughter is getting married or when your granny is dead… I am looking for person, which will be for me my life.

3. What has been your experience with Russian men?

Unfortunately, it is not folded for me with the Russian or Ukraine men. I loved very much father of my two daughters; therefore I assumed an enormous error: allowed to develop his pride so much, and so when I began to show the ambitions and labor for aims, he counted up me an egoist and went away, leaving to raise two children (they already adults). My second husband showed the temper since I gave birth a son: education of child lay down on me, and he rested, rode on hunt and fishing, not paying attention on me, thank to my daughters, they helped. Therefore I search a man, capable not only to get but also give.

4. What do you value most in a relationship?

In relations I value sincerity, ability of two people to listen each other, understand and realize necessities of each other, to go on compromise. I consider that a pair must find a common language always, not to suppress a problem, but also not to throw oneself on each other with prosecutions. And main – to love and respect each other.

5. Are you different from other women? If so, in what way?

As well as all of women I want love and happiness. But differ that I do not need a stamp in a passport and status MARRIED. I need an ordinary human warmth. I am ready to do for a native man very much great deal, but at the past years I trust less and less that people want to accept good, support, understanding, love. Therefore all myself now I give children, but, in the soul, all similarly I want to hear “I love you” from a man which love.

6. What kind of work do you do? What kind of work would you like to do in the future?

Now I work in the field of finances, I am an accountant. My hobby is design of clothes and floriculture. Possibly, in future I would like to open a floral shop, atelier on sewing of clothes or little restaurant (I prepare very deliciously)

7. If you find your true love, will you be prepared to move to the other side of the world? Do you think this will be difficult for you?

Well if I am on the site of international acquaintances, may be it means ready. But there is one “but” – I must be sure that it is actual my second half, that a man loves me. And concerning a move – for me it is not a problem, I am a mobile enough person and opened for all of new. There is only a problem with a son – there is could be difficulties with an embassy, but if it will be necessary we can decide an issue.

8. Have you traveled to other countries? Which countries did you like most and why?

I visited not many countries: Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, Turkey, Georgia, Russia, Czech. It would be very desirable to look the world, visit places with the virgin forests, transparent rivers and lakes, in wilderness, in high mountains, enormous noisy cities, as Tokyo, and neglected villages, in the places of distant history: Petra, Acropolis, Egyptian pyramids, valley of Mayya…

9. Which countries are you most interested in meeting a man? Why?

Concerning a country, I do not search a new country, where I will live, but man which I will love. And where it will be, this is not so important. May be my happiness waits me in a house with a garden in small town or in an apartment on the next to last floor of house in large metropolis. Possibly, country of my man it is the USA, Canada, Greece, Malta, Cyprus, Australia, I do not know. May be it is other country…

10. Have you had any of your dreams come true? What is your most cherished dream?

Dream which was happen: I have three remarkable children. Now I dream about life, filled with emotions, new impressions and ideas. Sometimes I am a terrible stay-at-home woman, and sometimes I break a secret forward, search an adventure. About person such as I am in Ukraine they say “in quiet deep devils are living – still waters run deep”. My little desire is to have a yacht and learn to manage it.

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