Single Russian Women Seeking American Men

Are you wondering why single Russian women are looking for American men to get married? Are American men superior? Some question the motives of beautiful single women, some find it difficult to believe Russian women are, in fact, sincere. Read an interview with a typical Russian woman. Inna is from Ulan-Ude, Russia and she is looking for a husband – an American man for marriage. Some argue Russian women prefer foreign men because there are not enough men to go around in Russia (see Single Russian Women Learn Art of Catching Men). Inna has her own argument: it doesn’t matter which country the man is from, it’s important to find a man a lady can create a good family with..

Here’s an Interview with Inna:

Q: Why are you interested in meeting a man from another country?
A: I’m not just interested in meeting a man from another country. I’m looking for my love, my husband, a man I will create a family with. So, it’s just no matter what country he will live in – in Russia or in some others. This agency just gives me the chance to widen my search.

Q: What are you looking for in a foreign husband? What is your ideal man?
A: First, I’m not looking for an ideal man. Because I’m not perfect also. I’m looking for reliable, decent, serious, kind, honest and outspoken man with a good sense of humor.

Q: What has been your experience with Russian men?
A: I have to say, I did not have a very negative experience of relations in my life. I was not married, but I had a long lasting not official marriage. But my husband was not devoted to the family. He had a lot of other values in life. And the family just took the last place in his life. The best what I have from these relations is my wonderful baby.

Q: What do you value most in a relationship?
A: The most important values in a relations for me are love, respect, sincerity, honesty.

Q: Are you different from other women? If so, in what way?
A: May be it seems to be a banality, but I don’t drive a car. May be because I’m just scared. And I don’t smoke also.

Q: What kind of work do you do? What kind of work would you like to do in the future?
A: I have higher philological education. But I work as a customer broker now, making an export documents for the custom. In the future I’m dreaming to work with children. I feel it’s really mine. It’s interesting and this is the best I can do.

Q: If you find your true love, will you be prepared to move to the other side of the world?
A: I’m sure, if I will really find my true love, I will be prepared to move to any place with my beloved one. Don’t think it will be really very difficult for me if my close and reliable man will be with me. So, the place is not very important, relations are the most valuable for me.

Q: Have you traveled to other countries? Which countries did you like most and why?
A: I like to travel very much. But still I traveled just about Russia and the Ukraine. I was born at the Ukraine and I like this country very much.

Q: Which countries are you most interested in meeting a man? Why?
A: USA, England, Switzerland, Canada, Finland. I think, the mentally of people in these countries are very close to Russian people. The culture of these countries is very interesting for me. The climate of the countries is rather nice.

Q: Have you had any of your dreams come true? What is your most cherished dream?
A: Yes, I had a lot of dreams. And some of them really came true. I have a good education, an interesting job. I have a wonderful and sweet baby. My cherished dream is to love and to be loved and to create a good family.

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