Love Makes the World Go Around for a Russian Woman

Posted by on April 30th, 2008

Russian women looking for love with foreign men Why does a beautiful Russian woman lean towards marrying a foreign man? Russian men are virile, handsome, and with the growing economy, an increasing number of them are also growing rich. But the reason that makes a beautiful, well-educated Russian woman like Alena choose a foreign man over a Russian is quite simple. When it comes to women, Russian men can take their pick because the number of eligible females far outnumbers the bachelors, and this makes them uncaring towards women. They are not usually family and home-loving, preferring to party away their youth. Russian women, on the other hand, are culturally inclined towards creating a family as a prime achievement, and would like to marry for love and children. You can meet gorgeous Russian women like Alena, seeking love with a foreign man, at
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Dating Russian Girls Who Want to Marry Foreign Men

Posted by on April 16th, 2008

Russian girl interviewRussian girls find marriage abroad an increasingly attractive option. Pretty, smart young girls like Kseniya are unable to find a suitable husband in Russia, because there are more Russian men than women. Women have a very small dating pool to choose from. What makes the choice even more limited is the nature of a significant number of Russian men, who are complacent and uncaring. When it comes to marriage, Russian girls find that foreign men are different, more inclined to take on family responsibilities than the native Russian men. Russian girls want love, trust and longevity in their marriages, which is what they hope to find with a man from outside Russia. Well-traveled and educated girls like Kseniya would make ideal wives for men who seek an equal partner and a loving wife. You can directly connect with such an eligible Russian girl by signing up at

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Young Russian Woman Seeking Dream Husband

Posted by on April 13th, 2008

Russian women

Russian women are often gorgeous, the climate favors blonde beauties. But a modern Russian girl like Elena is also as intelligent as she is beautiful. She is well traveled, educated, English-speaking. What is more, girls like her on come to seek a dream. Elena’s dream is an Italian, because she loves the country itself and thinks that the men there would be the honest, kind and loving husbands she is looking for. Russian girls like Elena are ideal for marriage to foreign men because they are well-adjusted, idealistic, and seek love, not material things. If you want to connect with Elena, join by creating a free dating profile. You can also meet girls like her online as a free member by visiting Russian Girls Chat, because at it is easy to directly get in touch with the women whose profiles you like.

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Why do Russian Women Marry Foreign Men?

Posted by on March 17th, 2008

Russian women are famed for their beauty, their grace, their loyalty, their family instincts and their pride. Most of this fame is well-deserved. But slowly over the past few years, there has been another quality of Russian women that has fascinated the media, and that is their penchant for foreign men.

At first glance, this interest might seem a little strange, considering that Russian men can often be some of the most attractive in the world. But look closely, and you realize the first and the most basic fact that may be behind this situation: there are only 87 Russian men to 100 Russian women. There are simply not enough men.

Blonde Russian Woman Seeks Charismatic Personality

Posted by on December 3rd, 2007

Blonde Russian WomenSummary: Let’s be honest – most men prefer blondes. Men are not just looking for Russian brides, some of them are now looking for Blonde Russian Brides and Blonde Russian Women! Some argue that natural blondes’ hair color is due to their recessive gene, which means she has a fully-functioning immune system, an adequate food supply, and is generally a good candidate for reproduction. Believe it or not, blondes are still popular, beautiful, fascinating… and single, if you meet them right here, on! Today’s interview is with a Russian blonde from Murmansk, Russia. Anna is 26 and she is looking for a man to establish a serious relationship. More importantly, she is looking for a charismatic personality so if she picks you, one can be sure you are very special..

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