Dating Russian Girls Who Want to Marry Foreign Men

Russian girl interviewRussian girls find marriage abroad an increasingly attractive option. Pretty, smart young girls like Kseniya are unable to find a suitable husband in Russia, because there are more Russian men than women. Women have a very small dating pool to choose from. What makes the choice even more limited is the nature of a significant number of Russian men, who are complacent and uncaring. When it comes to marriage, Russian girls find that foreign men are different, more inclined to take on family responsibilities than the native Russian men. Russian girls want love, trust and longevity in their marriages, which is what they hope to find with a man from outside Russia. Well-traveled and educated girls like Kseniya would make ideal wives for men who seek an equal partner and a loving wife. You can directly connect with such an eligible Russian girl by signing up at

Interview with a Russian Girl: Kseniya

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1. Why are you interested in meeting a man from another country?

Nowadays russian men are so lazy to take care of women. We have a big problem: for one working man six women.

2. What are you looking for in a foreign husband? What is your ideal man?

First of all he should be attentive, take care if woman and children. I’m looking in foreign husband another view of this life. It’s not a secret the foreigners are different people. They have different logic, style of life.

3. What has been your experience with Russian men?

I had the experience both with Russian and foreign guy. To tell the truth the psychology of the men are the same but the foreign man is responsible more for woman than Russian one. It plays a great role.

4. What do you value most in a relationship?

The truth and compromise.

5. Are you different from other women? If so, in what way?

I think I’m not different but of course I have my vivid individuality. I’m educated person, sensible and fond of culture. I’m easy person without any problems in a head what is not the last point today.

6. What kind of work do you do? What kind of work would you like to do in the future?

Now I work at the school and graduated from the university. In my near future I’ll be the interpreter.

7. If you find your true love, will you be prepared to move to the other side of the world? Do you think this will be difficult for you?

Without any problems. I can find a job and make friends everywhere. Moreover I have the experience of living abroad.

8. Have you traveled to other countries? Which countries did you like most and why?

I like the USA. I was there two times. Now I’m planning to visit Canada. My friends are invited me. Also I travelled a lot around my country. Most of all I like the Ukraine, Yalta.

9. Which countries are you most interested in meeting a man? Why?

I’d like to meet a man in the USA. I told before I like this country and men from this place very much.

10. Have you had any of your dreams come true? What is your most cherished dream?

My dreams come true. Also I do a lot to make my dreams work. I’d like to have a family with kids and husband who will love me and I will love him and everything will be well in our life. We will help each other in all our beginnings. is a treasure-trove of suitable young Russian girls. They are easily accessible on the internet, and thanks to our website’s anti-scam policies, the Russian girls you see in the profiles are real, genuine women who you can contact directly once you are a member. Join now and meet your dream Russian girl today.

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