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Russian woman for marriageAt, we work to create a database of genuine, desirable Russian women who are interested in a serious relationship with foreign men. Only foreign men are members of, so ours is an extremely well-targeted site. A Russian woman like Gulya is family-loving and keen on building a new life with a different kind of man, one who would fulfill her with love and happiness. Despite being self-employed, she retains her love for the home and hearth like a majority of Russian women, who love to cook, be mothers, and take pride in running an excellent household. As a Russian woman, Gulya is curious about life abroad, eager to learn, and keen to embrace new ways of life, as long as she is able to find the loving man she was unable to find in Russia.

Interview with a Russian woman:

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1. Why are you interested in meeting a man from another country?

I very much love Russia, but I would like to meet the man from other country to learn more about their culture, their way of life and the most important thing to grow fond.

2. What are you looking for in a foreign husband? What is your ideal man?

I wish to find loving man which wishes to have the big family and children.

3. What has been your experience with Russian men?

To compare Russian to foreigners it is impossible for me there are no friends to foreigners.
4. What do you value most in a relationship?

In relations I most of all appreciate love fidelity respect for relatives and kindness.

5. Are you different from other women? If so, in what way?

Probably yes the modern woman should possess all high qualities and I have them.

6. What kind of work do you do? What kind of work would you like to do in the future?

I am engaged in own business, I own in the market a fast food stall.

7. If you find your true love, will you be prepared to move to the other side of the world? Do you think this will be difficult for you?

Most likely yes.

8. Have you traveled to other countries? Which countries did you like most and why?

I was in Poland. In Poland it was pleasant to me very beautiful ancient houses and temples.

9. Which countries are you most interested in meeting a man? Why?

I wish to find the man in the USA, in England, in France, in Belgium. I in these countries I did not travel to me very interesting and I think that in these countries there live loving men

10. Have you had any of your dreams come true? What is your most cherished dream?

Yes come true more often. My most treasured dream to present to the loving future man love and children.

Join and you would never need a better site to find a genuinely loving and attractive Russian woman. Each Russian woman who is a member of the site is actively searching for a foreign man with whom to have a happy married life. Gulya is one of the many attractive, independent yet homely Russian women who are looking to find the husband of their dreams.

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