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A Gorgeous Russian Lady Searching for Love

Posted by on May 22nd, 2008

Russian love and marriage with a ladyMaria is a 33-year old Russian lady who describes herself as happy, affectionate and optimistic. Much like other Russian ladies who sign up at, she is extremely loyal and caring, her only desire is to find a man who would love her. Russian ladies are often in search of love abroad, having failed to find it in their own country. A gorgeous Russian lady like Maria is the norm rather than the exception, and she is culturally inclined towards creating and taking care of a family. If you are looking for a caring woman to be your wife, you can hardly do better than a Russian woman. As a Russian lady, Maria is tall, blonde and extremely beautiful. Most such Russian ladies with their ability to speak English and their lissome European beauty are easily able to blend in to Western surroundings.

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Ukraine Woman in Search of a Loving Man

Posted by on May 19th, 2008

Marrying a Loving Ukraine woman

Finding love with a kind, affectionate and giving man is a dream for most Ukraine women looking for marriage abroad. It is a well-known fact that most Ukraine men are indifferent at best when it comes to caring for a woman. Marina is an attractive Ukraine woman at willing to devote her life to a man who would love her, cherish her and adore her. She is on the lookout for a man who would appreciate her humorous, spontaneous, and generous nature. Like most Ukraine women, for Marina it is the man who is important, not the place he hails from. She does not have anything against Ukraine men, but is looking to find her man outside Russia and Ukraine because of the insensitivity of the Ukraine man she has lived with before.

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Beautiful Russian Woman Seeks Marriage Abroad

Posted by on May 18th, 2008

Russian woman for marriageAt, we work to create a database of genuine, desirable Russian women who are interested in a serious relationship with foreign men. Only foreign men are members of, so ours is an extremely well-targeted site. A Russian woman like Gulya is family-loving and keen on building a new life with a different kind of man, one who would fulfill her with love and happiness. Despite being self-employed, she retains her love for the home and hearth like a majority of Russian women, who love to cook, be mothers, and take pride in running an excellent household. As a Russian woman, Gulya is curious about life abroad, eager to learn, and keen to embrace new ways of life, as long as she is able to find the loving man she was unable to find in Russia.
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Russian Bride from Moscow for Dream Marriage with Foreign Man

Posted by on May 12th, 2008

Russian bride foreign menA Russian bride like Nadya can light up your life with joy and happiness, thanks to her optimism, intelligence and compassion. Nadya is well-traveled, speaks English and has experiences abroad, which makes a Russian bride like her a prime candidate for marriage with a foreign husband. Having had time to form her opinion of Russian men, she understands that Russian women are generally so beautiful and kind and so outnumber eligible Russian men, that these men do not feel compelled to commit to only one woman.

A Russian bride like Nadya is therefore looking forward to a marriage abroad where she can have a fulfilling marriage with the man of her choice, who would be dedicated and caring.

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A Russian Policewoman Seeks to be Captured by Love

Posted by on May 1st, 2008

Russian women seeking loveRussian women can be extremely career-oriented, but they know how to balance that with a woman’s tenderness and love for family life. Women like Tatyana are skilled in English, and take their job responsibilities seriously. It would be easy for such a Russian woman to adapt to life in other parts of Europe or the United States, because she would blend in with her European looks, and ability to speak English. features many women from Russia with good intellect and a true appreciation of loyalty and responsibility who seek marriage abroad in order to meet a man they love, as well as to broaden their horizons. The modern Russian woman seeks an equal in marriage, not the traditional Russian equations of patriarchy where the man of the house dictates to the household. A Russian woman like Tatyana would hold her own in the family, but also be tender, giving and generous. She would expect no less from her man.
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