Russian Love Phrases – Romancing a Russian Bride

Meet beautiful Russian brides and Russian girlsRussian brides are not hard to please, most of them marry for love and a better future. But to let the beautiful Russian girl become a suitable Russian bride, direct communication is essential. You must be able to express your emotions and sentiments clearly and without the help of an interpreter or translation software. Here are a few tips on how to make your Russian girl fall in love with you through the beauty of the Russian language.

Importance of Using Russian Love Phrases with Your Russian Bride

  • Saying your phrases in Russian expresses your love for the Russian bride in a special way. It is possible that she does not understand the nuances of English very well, but with Russian love phrases there would be no doubts about your feelings for her. Don’t worry if you make a mistake – you are not expected to be fluent in Russian. Mistakes can actually be a good subject for a conversation.
  • Since Russian brides are used to Russian, the love phrases in Russian would sound that much sweeter, especially if told by a foreigner.
  • If you need to use a translator software to communicate with your Russian girl, it could lead to misunderstanding, because the software mechanically translates the words but not emotions. Automated translation often results in errors that radically change the tone and meaning. Speak English, use a few trusted Russian phrases and then learn from each other. Learning the language and helping each other is always a good conversation starter. You can simply ask “How do you say … in Russian”..
  • Moreover, the fact that you took the time and effort to learn up the Russian phrases proves your affection and commitment to your Russian bride.

Russian Terms of Endearment, Compliments and Love Phrases

  • Here are some general terms of endearment you can use if you have been in communication with a Russian girl and feel that a romantic connection has already developed. The capital letters signify the parts of the words that need stress.

My sweet : MIlaya moyA

My Sweet Elena: Milaya Elena

My sweet (tender) : LAskovaya moyA

My sweetheart : LyubImaya moyA

My joy : RAdost’ moyA (apostropheВ  signifies softer pronunciation like ‘t’ in Tim)

My dear : DorogAya moyA

  • Here are a few compliments you can pay your Russian bride:

You are so beautiful : Ti takAya krasivaya

You are so tender : Ti takAya nEzhnaya

You are so wonderful : Ti takAya chudEsnaya

You are so glamorous : Ti takAya obayAtel’naya

You are so attractive : Ti takaya privlekatel’naya

  • Finally, here are a few love phrases for your Russian bride:

Here is my heart. It is full of love: Vot moe serdtse. Ono polno lubvi.

I like you : Ty mne nravishSA

I love you : Ya tebyA lyublyU

Don’t forget about me : Ne zabivai obo mne.

Using Russian to express your love on chat, e-mail, or during phone conversations, will bring you success with Russian brides. We at encourage to interact with Russian girls independently. Subscribe today to be able to send custom messages to the ladies of your choice. A Russian bride would be yours for life if you are able to touch her heart with the right words. Remember: Russian women love with their ears!

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