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Chat with Russian girls onlineRussian girls are some of the most marriageable in the world, no wonder Western men clamor for their attention. To win a Russian girl’s affection can be quite easy once you communicate with her regularly, and let her understand the genuine nature of your emotions.

To this end, holds Online Chat Specials scheduled daily between 10 PM and 11 PM Moscow time (MSK), which is 7 PM – 8 PM in London (GMT) or 2 PM – 3 PM in New York (EST). This is when you see most people using chat. At other times you may notice there are very few people chatting due to various reasons, one of them being the time difference. You can chat with Russian girls as a free member (sing up). You can also see who’s online and invite ladies to chat by clicking “Invite to Chat” button. This will send an instant notification to the lady with your request to visit online chat.

Ways to Win a Russian Girl’s Affections Though Online Chat

  • On a chat, take it slow and easy. English is not the first language for Russian girls and they would be shy and slow at first, so the more patient you are, the better response you will get.
  • When starting off on a chat, start at a formal level. Russian girls are used to being shown courtesy.
  • While on chat, use the easiest of English words. Do not expect even a fluent English-speaking Russian girl to immediately understand your native turns of phrase.
  • Do not be disappointed if your first few chats are slow. With time, the Russian girl you are chatting with is sure to understand English better and better.

Ways to be Able to Find Russian Girls Online on Chat

  • At, Russian girls are available on chat. But due to language difficulties, many of them prefer to have a slower method of communication in the beginning, like e-mail.
  • Most Russian girls have limited access to the internet, unless they live in the big cities such as Moscow or St Petersburg. Even with limited Internet access Russian women can use email at work and internet cafes (remember, every woman registered on Lovers Planet has a confirmed personal e-mail address). Chatting online at work may not be very convenient. That’s why it’s a good idea to email the ladies first in order to get to know them better and than contact girls directly through chat.
  • At, we encourage you to write to a Russian girl all about yourself first and try to build towards a level of familiarity with each other before attempting chat sessions.
  • Once you have exchanged a few e-mails you would be able to understand your girl’s felicity with the English language and general attitude towards life, and prepare for the chat accordingly. is a veritable treasure trove of intelligent and beautiful Russian girls. Sign up today to avail of unlimited chat and e-mail facilities with those women you find attractive. The Russian girl you will most likely be willing to marry is waiting for you at Get started now and chat online with Russian girls.

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