Russian Dating Tips: Dating Russian Women That Are Divorced

Divorce is usually a last resort for a woman in Russia who is unhappy in her relationship. Russian women are loyal and will stay with a bad situation for a while to try to make it work. If you do meet a divorced Russian woman while you are dating, keep in mind that divorce culture is different in Russia than in the West.

While you might notice a number of divorced Russian women on dating sites, it’s not because the divorce is as high as I is in the United States, rather, it has more to do with the difficulty a divorced woman in Russia can have finding a new partner to have a relationship with. If she has children, it is even more difficult.

One of the main reasons for Russian marriages ending is the early age at which Russian couples tie the knot. They are still maturing and developing and find that over the years they have less in common. Other reasons for divorce are alcohol abuse, physical abuse and infidelity.

When a Russian woman has had a bad relationship with a Russian man, she may decide that she does not what to try her luck with another one, so she will start dating foreign men in hopes that she will be treated better and with more respect.

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