Planning Your Wedding with a Russian Bride

Wedding plns with a Russian bride

If you have won the affections of a Russian bride, you are a lucky man indeed, because Russian brides make some of the most beautiful, loving, and loyal wives in the world. But having decided to get married, it is important to plan the marriage in advance so everything goes well with your wedding with the Russian bride.

Here are a few pointers that would help you plan your wedding with your Russian bride:

To Decide the Venue of Your Wedding with a Russian Bride

Weddings in Russia are very different from those in the West, so it is important that you decide whether you would have a wedding in Russia or in the West.

  • Most foreign men prefer to bring their Russian brides as fiancees into their own countries, and then marry them within a few months. This gives them time to decide whether the Russian bride they have found is someone that they would really like to spend their lives with.
  • In the United States this is done with the K-1 visa, according to which your Russian bride can stay with you for up to three months. By this time you should decide to get married if she is to stay further.

To Plan the Day of Your Wedding with a Russian Bride

A Russian wedding is all about having fun, lots of good food and getting drunk. Western weddings may appear staid in comparison.

  • If you plan to marry your Russian bride in the West, ensure she has been to at least one Western wedding, so she knows what it involves.
  • If you decide on a Western wedding, the preparations are much the same as any other wedding. If, however, you decide on a Russian wedding, ensure that you learn all the customs and traditions involved in the two-day Russian wedding ceremony.

To Plan the Formalities of Your Wedding with a Russian Bride

  • If you are getting married in Russia, you need to register the marriage with one month’s notice at ZAGS, the department of registration of civil statuses, which formally registers marriages.
  • If you decide to get married in your own country, you have to seek a fiance visa for your Russian bride, and then show evidence of your married status within a stipulated period.

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One Response to “Planning Your Wedding with a Russian Bride”

  1. Liam Says:

    My fiancee and I (I met her here on LoversPlanet) will be getting married in Australia, but I’m keen to have a second ceremony in Russia.

    As well as wanting her family to be there, it just sounds awesome fun – more fun than a western wedding!

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