How to Find an International or Russian Wife Thousands of Miles Away

Russian wife for a foreign man

International or Russian dating is one of the smartest ways of finding a wife abroad. For many years this search was limited to offline methods, but in the past few years, international and Russian dating has gone online. Online dating is cheaper and faster. While there are many international and Russian mail-order bride websites, pen-pal websites and so on, it is the online dating websites that make the most sense, as they let you interact directly with international or Russian women.

We at find that searching for a wife thousands of miles away is not always easy. Which is why we are always here to help you find such a wife.

Here are a few ways in which a Western man can set out to find an international or Russian wife thousands of miles away:

Finding an International or Russian Wife through a Marriage Agency

  • There are various marriage agencies that specialize in finding wives for Western men who are searching for an international or Russian wife.
  • But the limitation with such agencies is that you have to conduct all your dealings with them in the middle, which means you spend more money and have less control over how things pan out.

Finding an International or Russian Wife through a Pen-pal Agency

  • There are many pen-pal agencies which let you write to an international or Russian woman, and then you can take the relationship further using the pen-pal service’s help with translation and other matters.
  • This has similar drawbacks as with the marriage agencies, because you are seldom directly in contact with your international or Russian woman.

Finding an International or Russian Wife through a Dating Website

  • The best idea to find an international or Russian wife is to go through a dating website. We at run a dating website which has a database of eligible and genuine women who would like to marry a foreign man for love.
  • Almost all these women have a degree of English skills so direct communication with them is possible through emails and chat.
  • It does not cost a subscriber anything extra regardless of the number ofВ messages he chooses to send to the women in His Friends Network. is not a pay-per-message type of website where you are charged for every email you read.
  • accepts women from Eastern Europe: only Russian and Ukraine womenВ can becomeВ members, and only foreign men can have a subscription here. No Russian men on this site.

Having considered all the options, it is clear that is the destination of choice when it comes to finding an international or Russian wife thousands of miles away. Sign up today and meet the international or Russian woman who would bring you the marital joy and happiness you desire.

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