Dating in Russia vs Dating in NY

Russian dating girls

Dating Russian girls is different from dating girls in New York. It is certainly more challenging, but it often turns out to be more rewarding. Russian girls come from a different culture and a different continent, dating them successfully is possible only through specialized dating websites like Here are a few pointers on how Russian dating can be different from dating in New York:

Russian Girls Come from a Different Dating Culture

  • Russian girls dating foreign men date for marriage alone. For them, marriage and making a family is one of the most important milestones in their lives. Girls from New York are happy to settle for relationships other than marriage.
  • Russian girls are usually not fluent in English, and this makes communication with them somewhat more complicated than with American girls.
  • A Russian girl would expect a man to pick up the tab, open doors, and be generally chivalrous: for them, dating is a formal affair. American women would rather go dutch, and take dating more casually than their Russian counterparts.

There Aren’t Many Russian Girls in New York

  • This might seem obvious, but the greatest difference in dating Russian girls is that you will mostly meet them online. Though online dating is popular in New York, off-line dating is still available as an option.
  • To meet a Russian girl, traveling to Russia is expected at some point of time in the relationship. This fact must be remembered when you begin to interact with a Russian girl.

Russian Girls are Different from American Girls

  • Russian girls know how to balance their careers with their family lives, unlike the often extremely career oriented girls from New York. This makes Russian girls better wives for a happy and fulfilling family life.
  • Russian girls take meticulous care of their appearance, even as they get married and create a family. Unlike American girls who would often sacrifice looks for comfort, Russian girls are always groomed and made up, and keep their youth longer.

When looked at in the long run, dating Russian girls can be an insightful decision. Even though they require immediate investment in terms of time and dedication, dating and marrying a Russian girl rather an American girl from New York can be a fulfilling experience. Sign up at to date the Russian girl who would make all your dreams of family happiness come true.

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  1. kenny Says:

    Dang….I prefer Russian gals more than i prefer NY gals. Russian gals are so hot!

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