The Top Ten Reasons To Visit Russia

Ten Things To Make You Go... Why You'll Never Want to Leave

N.B. Order may be subject to personal preference. Ten reasons to visit Russia are listed below:

  1. The People: Russian women are known for their beauty, their sophistication, and their elegance. But these qualities extend to all Russians, including men and children. In Russia, the people are generally friendly and receptive to foreigners. Discourse is honest and open; there's nothing cookie-cutter about the way Russian people are. They're just genuinely human, which is wonderful!

  2. The Apartments and Houses: It may help if you're a real estate buff, but the residential buildings in the major cities of Russia are typically breathtaking, whether you're a connoisseur of architecture or not.

  3. The Language: Soft and rhythmical, Russian is a beautiful language to listen to, and the Cyrillic alphabet certainly lends an other-worldly feel. Most who encounter it consider Russia to be one of the most romantic languages they've ever heard. As far as we know, there are few who would challenge the application of this superlative.

  4. The Entertainment: From the Russian circuses to the ballets, from classical music concerts to jazz festivals; Russia has perhaps one of the most vibrant entertainment cultures in the world. Most people look to Paris as the center of culture, the place to immerse in the art scene. Try Moscow or St. Petersburg instead.

  5. The Night Life: From restaurants to night clubs, Russia's major cities provide ample amusement after hours. Why list Russian night life in the top ten attractions? It's uniquely sophisticated. Bars, casinos, restaurants, clubs, movie theatres, and the like are decked out with the latest amenities whilst being affordable and fun to visit.

  6. The Markets: There's nothing like a stroll through an authentic Russian market to whet your appetite. Cherries, peaches, nectarines, oranges, grapes, yoghurts, honeys, caviar; you name it, it's probably on sale at some little booth run by your local Russian peasant farmer. The people themselves conjure old-world images of pre-Revolutionary Russia, but the food…it leaves you craving more of such simple goodness.

  7. The Literature: Tolstoy, Chekhov, Dostoyevsky…Need we say more?

  8. The Historical Landmarks: Perhaps it helps to be a history buff? Russia has an incredible history, both ancient and modern. From the remnants of Soviet rule to the earliest landmarks of the Tsars, Russia is full of historical landmarks, from palaces to painted icons. Unlike the landmarks anywhere else in the world, Russia's have a breath-taking intensity.

  9. The Shopping: Affordable and elegant, a great thing about Russia, you get more for your money plus a number of items you can't easily find anywhere else in the world, such as authentic Russian dolls. You can find an incredible range of high-end clothes and accessories in the major cities and you can indulge an interest in the truly original outside of them.

  10. The Transportation Systems: Moscow's subway systems, the trams, the trains, and the Trans-Siberian Railway, their clean and reliable. Being such a large country, spread over such a vast area, Russia is filled with great transportation; if it doesn't get you anywhere fast, you'll probably still enjoy the experience.

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