Tatyana, 54


Irkutsk, Russia

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Name: Tatyana
Age: 54
Location: Irkutsk, Russia
Registration date: April 24, 2010
Marital status: Single
Personal Statement:
My key personality traits: Happy, Hard-working, Loyal
Zodiac Sign: Cancer
Main dating purpose: For marriage
English proficiency: Fair
Spoken languages: Russian, English
Do I have children? Yes, they live separately
How many? 2
Am I willing to have children? I do not wish to have children


Height: 5'5" (1m 65cm)
Weight: 112 lbs (51.0 kg)
Hair color: Blonde
Eye color: Green
Body Type: Slender
Do I have any tattoos? I do not
Do I have any piercings? Only ears


Ethnicity: No answer
Faith: No answer
Education level: No answer


My main interests: Travel, Cooking, Interior design
What food do I prefer? Healthy Food, Meat and potatos, Everything cooked by myself
Which cuisine is my favorite? Russian, Italian, Mexican
Do I like cooking? I like cooking very much
What kind of music do I like? Disco, Pop, Classical
What do I like to read? History books, Magazines
What do I like to watch? Drama, Comedies, Documentary
What pets do I like? Dogs


My favorite recreation activities Swimming / Scuba Diving, Dancing, Aerobics
I prefer spending my spare time Outdoors, In a cinema, Visiting exhibitions
Do I smoke? No way
Do I drink alcohol? I do not drink
What style of clothes do I prefer? Romantic
What is my profession? Self-Employed
My annual income No answer
Who do I live with? I live alone
Which countries have I visited? Germany, China, Ukraine
Visas which countries I have been in the past or are now? No answer
I am seeking a: man
Age between: 50 - 60
Preferred ethnicity: No answer
Preferred faith: No answer
Preferred Height: No answer - No answer
Preferred Weight: No answer - No answer
Key personality traits in my date: No answer

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