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Name: Natalya
Age: 38
Location: Izhevsk, Russia
Marital status: Single
Personal Statement:
Je suis professeur a l’universite, j’enseigne informatique au graphique et le design. Je vis independamme. J’habite dans une petite ville en Russie qui se trouve pas loin de Kazan ou Perm.
Moi, je suis tres responsable, raisonnable, ordonnee, bienveillante et sensible. Dans la vie je n’aime pas me decourager. Je sais rendre ma maison confortable et agreable. Je prefere la nourriture bonne, belle et saine. Je suis vegetarienne, mais je ne le demande pas a l’homme.
Je suis douee pour etudier des langues etrangeres. Je parle anglais et j’aime beaucoup le francais. Recemment j’ai passe un petit cours de francais, mais je n’ai pas d’experience. Je reve de rencontrer un homme honnete, ouvert, bon qui aspire à créer la famille de même que moi. Le principal sous les relations est une confiance, la compréhension mutuelle et le respect l'un à l'autre. Il est aussi très important que vous vouliez avoir les enfants. Moi, je veux avoir deux enfents, un garcon et une fille. Vous devez être assez patients, puisque je commence à parler français seulement. ----
I live in a small town in Russia which is not far from Kazan or Perm. I am a teacher at university, I teach computer graphics and design. I live independently.
I am very responsible, fair, benevolent and sensitive. In life I don’t like to despond. I am able to provide the cozy and pleasant atmosphere in my house and I love this occupation and I love my house very much. I prefer healthy and beautiful, good food. I am a vegetarian, but I don’t demand it from my man. I am capable to learning of foreign languages. I can speak English and a little French, recently I finished a short course of French. We can communicate in English or French. I dream to meet the fair, opened and kind person who aims to establish a family as well as me. The most important in the relations is a trust, mutual understanding and respect to each other. Also it is very important for me that you wanted to have children. As for me, I want to have two children, a boy and a girl. You have to be rather patient since I only start speaking French and my English is not so perfect too)
My key personality traits: Creative, Honest, Optimistic
Zodiac Sign: Taurus
Registration date: October 13, 2013
Main dating purpose: for marriage
English proficiency: Fair
Spoken languages: Russian, English, French
Do I have children? I do not
How many? None
Am I willing to have children? Very much so
Height: 5'10" (1m 78cm)
Weight: 120 lbs (54.5 kg)
Hair color: Blonde
Eye color: Green
Body type: Slim
Do I have any tattoos? I do not
Do I have any piercings? I do not
Ethnicity: White
Faith: Orthodox
Education level: Graduate degree
My main interests: Interior design, Flower-growing, Yoga
What food do I prefer? Healthy Food, Vegetarian
Which cuisine is my favorite? Russian, French, Italian
Do I like cooking? I like cooking very much
What kind of music do I like? Pop
What do I like to read? Other
What do I like to watch? Comedies, Fiction, Adventure
What pets do I like? Cats
My favorite recreation activities: Skiing / Snowboard, Countryside Barbecues, Tennis
I prefer spending my spare time: Outdoors, With family, In my cottage house
Do I smoke? No way
Do I drink alcohol? I do not drink
What style of clothes do I prefer? Classic
What is my profession? Other profession
My annual income: No answer
Who do I live with? I live alone
Which countries have I visited? Other
About my potential date
I am seeking a: Man
Age between: 36 - 48
Preferred ethnicity: White
Preferred faith: No preference
Preferred Height: 5'10" (1m 78cm) - 6'1" (1m 85cm)
Preferred Weight: 130 lbs (59.0 kg) - 220 lbs (100.0 kg)
Key personality traits in my date: Kind, Affectionate, Optimistic
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