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St. Petersburg, Russia

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St. Petersburg, Russia

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St. Petersburg, Russia

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Olga, 46
St. Petersburg, Russia

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Nina, 37
St. Petersburg, Russia

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About St Petersburg

The most northern major city in the world, St Petersburg enjoys "white nights" from the end of May to mid-July every year. What could be more romantic than walking along the river Neva and various canals when the night is as bright as early evening? It is the world's only major city where such a phenomenon takes place every summer. The city sits on the River Neva and is also the home to some of the world's greatest art and architecture.

City of St Petersburg

While St Petersburg, for many periods the capital of the Russian Empire, has relinquished that title, it remains the cultural hotspot of Russia. Home to some of the most fascinating art collections, landmarks, and museums, St Petersburg also has a lot to offer in the field of live arts, in the many theaters, concert halls, bars, and clubs.

Dating Women from St Petersburg

Women that live in St Petersburg are typically different from other Russian women. They seem to be more intelligent, educated, and have a lot of knowledge about culture, traditions, art and history. Russia is often considered home to some of the most beautiful women in the world, but don't let this intimidate you. St Petersburg brides are approachable and friendly. Dating St. Petersburg women or St Petersburg girls is hard to describe - it's very special.

History of St Petersburg

The city of St Petersburg takes its name from one of Russia's most influential rulers, Czar Peter the Great. Peter founded the city in the early 18th century. Over the next two hundred years, the city blossomed; writers, artists, and musicians flocked. You can still visit the home of Alexander Pushkin and stop by the Literary and Memorial Museum dedicated to Fyodor Dostoyevsky. Without a doubt St. Petersbug is the center of Russia's culture.