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$2.00 for every qualifying FREE signup or 70% revenue share!

As a professional in Internet Business you understand that bringing hundreds of thousands of visitors to a website does not necessarily mean making a lot of money. When doing business on the Internet you do need to convert visitors into paying customers which in turn means creating value for your customers, providing great product and excellent customer support. That is the business focus of LoversPlanet - to create value and to make customers happy even after they have stopped using our service. Are we successful? Please read our clients' testimonials.

Commissions - do the math

Most Dating Websites offer revenue share programs whereby you receive a certain percentage of revenue generated from a paying member you refer. The distance between a visitor and a paying member is often too long and you do have to be certain that your affiliate partner can provide you with good conversion rates for your specific audience. As a rough estimate, most other dating websites have 1:100 free signup ratio and, roughly, 1:100 paying members ratio. So if you refer 100,000 unique visitors per month they may result in only 10 paying subscribers. Average revenue from 1 subscriber stands at around $50. The resulting revenue is $500. Even if you receive 70% commission you would get $250 a month. Is it worth it?

LoversPlanet Commissions

LoversPlanet conversion rates are different because we are focusing on providing a reliable, high quality service. Some of our affiliates achieve a 25% signup ratio (highly targeted audience). This means that 25 out of 100 referred visitors sign up. Being confident in our service we are prepared to pay $2.00 for every FREE qualifying male signup irrespective of whether he becomes a paying subscriber. If this free member also becomes a paying subscriber your commission will become 50% of revenue generated from this member. Depending on the quality of your traffic you could be making thousands of dollars in commission payments every month. Learn more about commissions.

Niche market provide an infrastructure for men from US, Canada and Western Europe to get in contact with Russian women. LoversPlanet service is targeted at a very specific niche - Russian Dating. We have united two great efficiencies: the beautiful women of Eastern European countries and the solvent population of US, Canada and Western Europe. By targeting such a specific niche we avoid extremely high competition that presently exists among mainstream online dating companies in US and Europe. High competition has a number of advantages, however, it also means less profit potential for you because the marketing costs of these companies deflate their profits.

Russian Dating market versus US Dating market

A report by Forrester Research conveys conservative perspective on the online dating industry in US. It finds that 33 percent fewer consumers are browsing online personals today than they did a year ago. The report concludes that the 70+ percent growth in the US online dating industry measured in 2002 and 2003 had decreased to 19 percent year-over-year growth in 2004, and less then 10 percent growth predicted for 2005. This means that US online dating companies have already reached the peak of their life cycle. Online dating audience requires something new, something unique. While targeted at the same audience, LoversPlanet certainly offers a unique product. Russian Dating is what generates revenue today and will keep generating revenue for the years to come.

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